J.P. Befumo

Author, Musician, Artist, Computer Systems Engineer, and political activist, J.P. Befumo grew up in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, NY during the turbulent sixties. Dropping out of high school at age seventeen, he spent several years working on the docks in Red Hook, ultimately working his way up to management positions at American Export Lines, then the world’s third largest ocean freight company.

At age twenty-seven, dissatisfied with the direction his life had taken, he left his job, took the high-school equivalence exam (achieving the highest score ever recorded at that time), and enrolled in Brooklyn College, majoring in physics, mathematics, and computer science. His activities working in the university’s Dynamitron (11.75 MEv proton accelerator) lab gave rise to the conviction that advanced relativistic quantum effects had profound ramifications for mystical and spiritual concepts.

After graduating college (summa cum laude), he went to work at Digital Equipment Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Development facility, where he participated in development of the DEC-Alpha, then the world’s fastest super-microprocessor chip.

After a stint at AT&T Solutions, as leader of their Center of Excellence for Estimating Metrics, and Quality, he became a Senior Client Partner at Clarity Development, LLC., a South Carolina high-tech consultancy, where he is still serves as a part-time consultant.

In early 2000, he semi-retired from consulting to devote full-time attention to writing. His novels include Ariadne’s Clew, Survival Skills, The Apothecary Chest, The Sibylline Prophesies, By Mutual Consent, and The Orgone Experiment . Nonfiction works include Exotic Scales: New Horizons for Jazz Improvisation, Faith and Physics, Boxes Beyond the Blues, The Republicrat Junta–How Two Corrupt Parties, in Collusion with Corporate Criminals, Have Subverted Democracy, Deceived the People, and Hijacked our Constitutional Government, A Heritage of Hypocrisy–Why ‘THEY’ Hate Us, and The Book of M.O.R.O.N–Wicked Scriptures, Evil Folks.  He has also written and illustrated a collection of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, entitled: Why Did The Prophet Cross the Road? (To Wage Jihad Against the Crusading Infidel!)

 In addition to his work in science and literature, Befumo has participated in amateur theater, remains a serious amateur musician and performer, and is a talented artist, whose award-winning works have been displayed in the Springfield Museum of Fine Art, the Mari Gallery, and other prestigious venues.

Since 2009, he has been developing a line of hand-wired ’boutique’ amplifiers, which are marked under the auspices of Hugh’s WattWerx.

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Author, Musician, Artist, Engineer